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  • No damage to natural nails

  • Up to 3 weeks hold

  • HEMA-free and without harmful substances

  • Fits every nail shape

    • Easy to remove without damaging your natural nail

      No filing, milling or acetone!

    Get our salon quality semi-cured gel nail stickers for your home!

    Semi-cured gel nail stickers are the latest trend in the nail art world and make it easy for you to achieve beautiful nails without investing a lot of time and money.

      • durability

        Our Semi-cured Gel Nail Stickers are made of high quality gel ingredients that can last 2 weeks to a month on your nails without wearing off or peeling.

        • Convenience

          Easy to Use - Just choose your favorite design, follow the instructions to apply the stickers to your nails, and you're good to go - no additional decorations or adjustments needed.


          • comfort

            Semi-cured gel nail stickers fit your nails comfortably and won't feel heavy or suffocating like traditional nail polish.

            This nail lamp features powerful LED lights and is compatible with all types of gel polishes, including our amazing  semi-cured gel nail stickers  .  In just  40  seconds  , your nails will be fully cured and ready to use, saving you valuable time and energy.

            Not only does it boast an impressive curing time, but it is also compact, lightweight and easy to use.  It is suitable for both professional nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts.

            What sets this nail lamp apart from the rest is its cordless functionality. With a charging time of only 45 minutes, it offers a long battery life.  Its small, pen-like design offers great hand-feeling, making it convenient and comfortable to use.

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